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By Elizabeth Z. Bartz, President and CEO

It is a special event when State and Federal Communications introduces a totally new Compliance publication to our lineup, as this can take years to research and develop.  The last time that happened is when we introduced Canadian Compliance Laws in 2008 as a complement to our U.S.-based series of publications.

“Companies know and trust us to keep
them current with the latest lobbying
compliance regulations and laws.”

Today, you are reading a special issue of Compliance News, our e-newsletter. Why? Because we are introducing another special publication called ‘I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws.’

For years, our many clients, including a number of multi-national companies with offices and/or separate companies outside of North America, have been inquiring about lobbying and political compliance law reporting, especially in Europe. For many, this is a relatively new area. And although the concept of having to report various lobbying advocacy efforts is the same, there are differences and nuances in the European region. In fact, there are so many compliance rules and regulations being generated and revised regularly in Europe to absolutely warrant that we track and capture these. That is what we do. Wherever we see the need for political compliance reporting, we will focus our efforts to deliver this information to our clients.

Please read through this special, one-time issue as we introduce the new European online publication to our valued clients. Thank you for your continued interest.

Introducing the new ‘I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws’ Publication

‘I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws’ is the fifth online publication from State and Federal Communications to cover compliance laws on lobbying, political contributions, and procurement lobbying. The company already blankets compliance law reporting in the U.S. and Canada, and is now reaching out to provide coverage of the European region as well. These publications, accessed by users at www.stateandfed.com are valued informational tools used by government relations professionals, corporate compliance officers, contract lobbyists, and legal and professional firms when establishing their compliance reporting strategies.

The new European-focused publication covers entries for:

- European Union

- United Kingdom

- Republic of Ireland

It offers the international compliance information on lobbying, campaign finance, and procurement lobbying laws, in the same online presentation format that is used for the Canadian and U.S. compliance publications. If a client is familiar with searching and using the company’s website to find what lobbying and campaign finance activity is permissible and subject to disclosure in any listed jurisdiction, they will find the new European publication just as easy to use. Note this page shown here from the new online European publication that explain specific legislation and reporting for a specific jurisdiction.

“The new European publication focuses on companies and entities that conduct business in the European region, and that need to know and stay current with all political compliance reporting laws.”


Political compliance and reporting matters just as much in Europe as in the U.S. and Canada. Government relations professionals need to know the unique restrictions and obligations in each jurisdiction where advocacy efforts occur. Violating lobbying and campaign finance laws can result in removal from the registry, costly fines, unwanted media exposure, and even imprisonment. All these problems can be easily avoided by just knowing what is required and acting upon it correctly and within the timeframe given. State and Federal Communications makes it easy to decipher and understand compliance rules and regulations, and to accurately report activities to government entities as needed.

Here are some of the valuable contents in ‘I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws.’

Coverage includes summaries and citations of applicable laws and regulations, full descriptions of lobbyist registration and reporting requirements, jurisdictions requiring lobbyist registration for procurement activities, and relevant advisory opinions, guides, and supplementary information. Further, there are complete definitions of special terms, Pay-to-Play laws, summaries of gift laws and political contribution limits and specific prohibitions. Users will find information regarding who can make contributions and to whom contributions may be made, along with contact information for government offices, and required forms for lobbying, political activities, and procurement activities.

A New Brochure Explains
Our Political Compliance Reporting Services

The full complement of compliance reporting services is offered in State and Federal Communications 2018 brochure. This includes descriptions of all five of the online compliance publications now family-branded under the I COMPLY designation. These are:

  • I COMPLY U.S. Political Contributions Compliance Laws

  • I COMPLY U.S. Lobbying Compliance Laws

  • I COMPLY U.S. Procurement Lobbying Compliance Laws

  • I COMPLY Canadian Political Compliance Laws

  • I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws

“The European online publication has been an outgrowth as we further help our many multi-national clients with their international compliance reporting needs too.”

In addition, we also explain our renowned consulting service on reporting of lobbying and political contributions called ALERTSTM. This is a customized, turn-key managed compliance program that helps to ensure reporting is conducted in the most professional and efficient manner. This is the gold standard in the industry.

CLICK HERE to download the new brochure.

FREE Bonus Trial Access Until March 31, 2018

All current State and Federal Communications Publications clients and ALERTSTM clients will be given free access to ‘I COMPLY European Political Compliance Laws’ until March 31, 2018. We want you to get to know the publication and what it offers. Talk to your international colleagues and see how it can help them too. We will conduct a survey in March 2018 to gain your feedback on how this new publication can fit into your compliance strategies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and comments at any time.

“Our clients have been asking about compliance-related issues in overseas markets. Our new European publication is a natural extension of these developments of the past several years.”


If you are a current user, you can go to your current login at www.stateandfed.com to see that the new European publication is now live and you access and search this.

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